Installation Plan

Rather than relying on burning methane gas collected from the decaying debris below the surface, Wind Grazers utilize wind energy. A field of 200 turbines hovers in the air above Fresh Kills. Gridded like rows of crops recalling its agricultural past, retractable tethers anchor an aerial armada of turbines. The equal lengths of tether create a projected topography visible to the surrounding areas of Staten Island and New Jersey.

System Details

Wind Grazer's turbine’s current is relayed to a central switch at the park entrance where teaching displays and meters quantify the operation to visitors. These displays compare the energy created by burning methane versus wind turbines. Each turbine is additionally equipped to relay wind speed, wind direction, and atmospheric pressure to compliment the energy data. The electricity generated will contribute to the local grid to help sustainably power the environs.

Wind & Solar Energy Harvesting System

Fresh Kills Park lies on top of once the largest man-made landfill. Only the gas collection, vents, and the Solid Waste Transfer Station hint at what lies beneath. This site is the latest evolution of this overlooked artificial topography. Wind Grazers propose an alternative energy generation scheme that manifests the artificiality of the site and its history.

Wind Grazers_Fresh Kills, New York City

Project Team: Supermass Studio, Sage and Coombe Architects, CannonDesign / Client: Land Art Generator Initiative + NYC Department of Parks & Recreation