Luna Forest

Envisioned to cater the needs of both visitors and the residents, the plaza provides a place of retreat with tree shades and benches as well as the venues for fun and spectacle. (image credit: AECOM)

Wonderwheel Way Entry with the B&B Carousell Pavilion

The plaza is envisioned as a one of a kind civic and entertainment space which will be anchored by the historic Parachute Jump structure and the restored B&B Carousell. (image credit: AECOM)

Parachute Jump Gateway to the Plaza

Design and implementation of a new gateway plaza to the revitalized Coney Island amusement area, in collaboration with the architect Rockwell Group, lighting designer Jason Bruges Studio, and structural/sustainable engineers Arup. (image credit: AECOM)

Steeplechase Plaza, Coney Island, NY

Project Lead: Taewook Cha (at AECOM) / Project Team: AECOM, Rockwell Group, Jason Bruges Studio, Arup / Client: NYC Economic Development Corporation (image credit: AECOM)