View of the Multimodal Center / Marketplace

Multimodal Center reconfigures the public access to the South Harbour and serves as the central portal to bicycles, trams, buses, water taxis and local ferries.

View of the Maritime Plaza

Maritime Plaza consolidates the scattered port operations into a efficient port / terminal / operational complex, and creates grand civic open space that extends and connects the public realm to the waterfront.

View of the Shoreline Meadows

Equally beautiful in wintertime with its snow-covered meadows, park-like planted deck partially covers the existing cargo yard and coexists with all of its harbour operations below while creating a new public space on the harborside with direct access to water.

Framework Diagrams

Illustrative Plan

The main goal of the South Harbour Master Plan is to create moments of generative fusion between different social, cultural and environmental conditions, resulting in an energetic and beautiful attraction that activates the South Harbour as an enjoyable and accessible waterfront for both city residents and visiting tourists, all while maximizing access to the oceanfront along the boardwalk and maintaining the efficiency of the port functions.

Helsinki South Harbour Master Plan_Helsinki, Finland

Project Team: Supermass Studio, Manifesto Architecture / Client: City of Helsinki City Planning Department