Illustrative Site Plan

Superorganism allows us to understand how we can organize these seemingly disjointed public spaces with various functional, programmatic, and environmental issues and requirements and transform the ordinary public spaces into extraordinary places with intelligence, flexibility and dynamic energy.

Development Framework

Faced with the demand of multitudes of program requirements, stakeholder interests, and environmental requirements, public spaces in urban realm often fall into normative, rigid and unimaginative places. A public space has to provide all the public amenities, satisfy the needs of various user groups, often has to perform infrastructural or environmental functions.

Superorganism: Concept Framework

“A Superorganism is an organism consisting of multiple organisms. It is a collection of agents which can act in concert to produce phenomena governed by the collective. It exhibits a form of “distributed intelligence,” a system in which many individual agents with limited intelligence and information are able to pool resources to accomplish a goal beyond the capabilities of the individuals.”

Seattle Superorganism

Project Team: Supermass Studio, PARC Office / Client: Seattle Center Foundation