View of The Rooftop Sky Beach & Pool

Vast roof space of the Opera House creates a unique opportunity for an ultimate public space - rooftop beach and pool. Open to public with dedicated access via vertical people mover, beachgoers in swimsuits mingle comfortably with operagoers in formal wear, whistling to the tunes of La Boheme.

View of The Wetland Marsh Habitat

Wetland Marsh Habitat provides a new urban haven for the migratory birds form the adjacent Nakdong River Estuary. Meandering paths weave the water's edge up and down and over to allow dramatic encounter with the migratory wetland birds.

View of The Performance Green

Located at the foreground of the Opera House overlooking the ocean, Performance Green is a flexible event space that accommodates multitudes of programs such as weekend morning opera rehearsal shows, relaxing afternoon picnic and stroll, or memorable sunset wedding banquets.

View of the Arrival Plaza & Grand Stairs

Mixed forest alee of pines and camellias introduces the guests to the Grand Stairs at the Arrival Plaza.

Aerial View of the Opera House

The new Busan Opera House addresses a new type of public space containing Busan's unique urban and cultural complexity. Contemporary opera house proposes to become not only a place of consuming culture but also a place of cultural incubator and an extended field of daily life for the people of Busan.

Busan Opera House_Busan, Korea

Project Team: Supermass Studio, SiaPlan & Associates / Client: Busan Metropolitan Government