Sustainable Development Framework

Primarily designed as pedestrian environment, the Agrarian Eco-City has extensive pedestrian network all within walking distance from the center. Vehicular access was limited to main circulation only, and the separation of agricultural and residential circulation ensure the safety and comfort of the residents.

Development / Conservation Strategy

Responding to the ecological sensitivity of the site, the master plan takes an innovative approach of putting ecological conservation forward before development. Ecologically sensitive hydrological drainage paths were identified first and a green network of preserved forest was developed to preserve the existing drainage pattern and provide wildlife corridors.

Illustrative Master Plan

The Brazil Agrarian Eco-City Master Plan is a first step in developing an 11,000-hectare organic farm and sustainable agricultural community. It presents a promising opportunity for habitat conservation, responsible development and sustainable community in sensitive ecosystems of Brazil’s Cerrado (savannah) region while embracing concepts of sustainability for the built, natural and social environment.

Brazil Agrarian Eco-City_Bahia, Brazil

Project Team: Supermass Studio, Gaone, Buro Happold Engineers, Samach + Seo Architects / Client: GB Root, Co. Ltd